Thursday, September 29, 2011

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - Monday - Thursday

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - Monday - Thursday

Hammers started pounding at 8 am and a second truck arrived a bit after. Jim was already at the house. I threw some stuff in the crock pot for dinner and headed over.
Jim B and his crew are working on the fascia boards and all the other trim, including finishing the Hardie Plank siding. 
Miguel and Jorge from Allied Insurlation arrive and begin installing batt fiberglass insulation in the basement.
They add low expansion spray foam insulation to all the windows and doors. 
Miguel begins wrapping all the walls with a fabric webbing which will hold the sprayed in fiberglass.
He uses a staple gun to fasten the webbing to the wall framing.
They switch on the machine and start spraying in the insulation.

While the insulation is going in, Jim B and his crew are still working on the exterior.
Danny is working on the one of the 15 corners. First the building paper is trimmed and overlapped. Next, a pre-cut piece of ply is nailed over the paper and then a pre-cut piece of foam is placed over that. To finish it off, the crew has to trim a beveled edge on the Hardie Plank corner boards and then nail them in place.

Plywood...                                                                                                                                  Foam...
A finished corner along with all the door trim, ledger board and fascia.

Miguel and Jorge add Rock Wool around the plumbing as a fire break

By the end of the day Miguel and Jorge have done a great job on the inside with the insulation - everything is so quiet...
...and on the outside Jim B, Alan, Jerry, Mitchell, and Danny have the house looking very close to finished. 

Tuesday... Jim B and his crew start at 7:30

Jerry and Mitchell work on the fire place chase
Allied Insulation is back but this time it is Wesley and Alvaro. They wrap everything is plastic and then begin spraying the ceilings. 
The ceilings look good but at the tops of the walls he adds a little too much and it begins to ooze out onto the fascia boards under the drip strip. 
Looks like a scene from "The Blob."
I do plan on adding more specific information about the insulation.
I'm waiting to get it from Adam.
Jim B drills holes and adds bolts for a future deck area. 
Danny finishes the planking on the deck.
Jerry and Mitchell finish up the fire place chase.
Tuesday night... the end of the day
Snacking on BBQ flavor soy chips and enjoying our screw off top bottle of wine in a plastic tumbler and a measuring cup. It doesn't get better than this! 
Wednesday...Wesley and Alvaro arrive and spray the basement ceiling.
It looks like a marshmallow exploded.

Wesley - the marshmallow man.
Jim worked on a rock stairway leading from the basement and heading to the first floor utility room entry. 
Looking Great!

Allied arrives first, adds a Rock Wool fire break to the basement and sprays the mail floor ceiling with a fire retardant (we have to have it because we are not doing T&G wood ceiling instead of dry wall. 

Matt, our Energy Star inspector from Vandermusser and Leigha from Deltec arrive next. So far we are doing a great job of passing the requirements for an Energy Star rating.
 Next to arrive are Jerry and Tim from RB's GAS. They install our propane tank and line to the house. 
Jerry uses a Ditch Witch to dig the trench for the gas line. 
 We trade stories about bear and bob cat before they finish the job.

Roger, one of the many Buncombe County inspectors arrives to check on the insulation and other items.

After the inspector, Justin (who dug our well), and Joe from Green Bros. arrive to put in the water and pump electrical lines from the pump to the house as well as a line from the well to Turtle Rock.
They also install a yard hydrant at Turtle Rock...

...and a pressure tank in the basement. 

While Justin and Joe are working on the water lines Bobby and Tim deliver drywall from Tucker. 
The boom crane lifts it off the truck and they place the it on a wheel cart to stage it through out the house.
Joe back fills all the lines and does some creative rock-scaping for us. 

End of the Day - end of the WEEK - it's 11:12 pm and we are done!
Actually, one more day before the weekend. Can we make it?

Oops, I forgot to mention something important. We were never able to remove the rock that prevented us from being able to get the water line 24" under ground. Joe and Justin insulated the line and Justin suggested that we add 6 to 8" of mulch over the trench area after they back fill it. The mulch will prevent the line from freezing. It will keep the dirt warm during the winter. Great tip. We are counting on it to work.

More than once the person working on our property has said that they treat each job as if they are working on their own house; they approach the job the way they would want it to be done if they were paying someone to do it. They have great integrity and take pride in their work.

It has been a pleasure meeting everyone and having so many people involved in this project.
Do you want to take a shot at guessing how many people have worked with us so far?
I'll let you know on the next blog.   

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  1. Thanks for the blog! It's been one of a couple that has helped us on our Deltec road in understanding or at least really seeing the process.

    We like your colors too, so that's helped with visualization of the end product too.