Thursday, September 22, 2011


Heating things up:

 August 29th: Our friends from Sundance came back to install the radiant floor tubes for our main living space. Harry leaves Grey and Matt to do the work. Almost 1400 feet of tubing was installed in the basement and just over 1300 feet was needed for the main floor. 

The tubes come up from the basement and return back to the basement again so they can connect with the water source. 
Matt drills the holes at an angle so the tubes fit smoothly with out creating a sharp bend.

 If a tube is damaged or nicked when being installed then a patch is made below the floor instead of on the floor surface.

Randy and Lonnie arrive on on Thursday September 2nd to pour the floor but no concrete! 
We are told that it was ruined by a tree. It fell onto the stone to be used for the concrete and they thought they removed all the debris - but they didn't and the concrete was full of tree fibers. We waited a week for them to try again. 
As a side note: Randy headed off to boot camp after this photo was taken. We wish him well and thank him for serving our country.
On September 8th Vernon's crew returned - this time with concrete.
Danny and Chuck attached the hoses for the pour and guided the pour. They had a really rough time getting it started. This time we were using light weight concrete, not regular, and with a tint. For some reason it began separating in the hose and clogging up. Floyd, who seemed to be in charge that day, was concerned we would have to use a wheel barrel to do the job. Eventually, it worked.
Before the concrete began to flow, Pablo, Mario and Gonzalo marked the perimeter with a chalk line so they would know how deep to make the concrete - we needed 2". They also used nails as a height gauge in places where the walls were too far apart .
Once they got going the pour went quickly. Only two truck loads were needed.
Pablo, Mario and Gonzalo smoothed out the concrete.
 Sometimes it was their own foot prints.
Vernon used the big buffing machine for the final touches.
The next day Vernon came back and added a spray sealer. This was the week Jane was visiting so she got to see the whole process.
As the floor drys, the color is a bit darker than we picked. We are waiting to see what happens. 

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