Tuesday, September 27, 2011



After Ted Inman dug the trench for the electrical and water line to and from the pump, Jessie and Dane lay the electric conduit in a fashion Dane calls "sworping." They plan on sucking the wires through with a vacuum so they try not to use right angles in the line.
It took a bit of extra digging to get just the right arc to be able to "sworp"
I used a lopper and hedge trimmer to clip all the roots out of their way before they arrived. I was almost done and wasn't able to get the big ones when they started laying the conduit. They were surprised I went to all that work and had never worked in such a "clean" trench.

The trench didn't go to the area they needed, so Jim jumped in to dig an extension of the trench.
Because the water from the pump will be in this ditch as well it has to be at least 24" deep or the pipes will freeze - guaranteed!

Bobbie and Martine delivered our basement door and windows and utility door from Brand Vaughan.
Al was able to get Jim and I the "Strength Lies Within" t-shirts that their delivery crew wear. I think they are really cool. 
And while we weren't looking our tub and shower sets arrived from Ferguson. 

Also on this day we noticed some odd specks of dirt in the middle of the kitchen, just below the center (highest point) of the ceiling. Upon closer observation and after looking up Jessie informed us we had a bat. You can barely see him in the photo. It is the small brown blob between the roof trusses in the middle of the photo. This was on September 13th - as you can tell I don't always do the photos in order of date.

Mark and Craig (not Greg - another name I got wrong) returned. They installed the shower for the master bath, the deep tub/shower combo for my healing room and eventually the tub/shower for the basement. They also finished up some plumbing work so the insulators could start their job. 

Craig cutting a pipe for Mark. A deep tub and shower combo for my healing room (above).

A shower with a seat for the master bath, because we plan on being here for a long time (someday we may have to sit to take a shower - and maybe sooner than later if I'm not more careful with my back. A whole different story). 

On September 15th Mark and Craig work in the basement to run drain lines from the bathrooms above down to the basement bathroom. Deltec doesn't give you much space in the floor trusses and is very specific when they tell you that drains have to be outside a 5' diameter from the center of the house. We were really glad we calculated for a 9' ceiling in the basement. Jim started building a recessed ceiling in this area to cover up the pipes. 

Not an easy task on your own but when he was done it looked great.

Unfortunately, when he was finished Mark came back and installed one more drain pipe and the ceiling had to come down one more inch to cover the pipe.

The basement tub/shower looks great also, and the plumbing above just barely fits.

On September 20th I pulled my back out - so bad I laid on the floor for a few hours because I couldn't call for help. Eventually I made it to the bed in the motor home. When Jim discovered what I had done he took me to the hospital to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Nope, just very bad strain in my lower back. While we were away Jim B. and Mitchell installed the utility (on left) front and healing room doors (above).

The best part of the whole week was having Connie and Patricia visit (two days before I hurt myself). We graduated from Barbara Brennan School of Healing together. It was so wonderful to see them. We gave them a tour, as much as we could and then they headed back to Asheville. Connie lives pretty close by so Jim and I will make a trip her way when things lighten up. And Patricia will be back to visit when our guest room is ready.
You can see the back of the house behind Patricia. We are on a slope that Jim calls the amphitheater. I'm sure we will make a fire pit here and spend some evenings sitting by it while he plays his guitar.

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