Sunday, September 11, 2011


More Visitors

On Tuesday August 30th some good friends who have been following the blog were vacationing at Lake Lure - about 20 miles away - and came for a visit. It was wonderful to have them come by. Our two families were so close growing up that I may have been 8 or 9 years old before I realized we were not related. Helen and Marv built a log cabin many years ago from a kit so they wanted to see how a Deltec went together.

We took them to our favorite local restaurant - Angelo's - before they headed back to Lake Lure.

Tom and Kathy have been back again. One time to bring Cindy for the afternoon. They were checking on the progress of the house and Turtle Rock - the name we call our camper area. We look forward to seeing them on future visits with their camper.

My sister Jane came up for a week long visit recently. She just went home this morning and we miss her already.

We put her to work right away... The first thing Jane and I did was make a toiletries and towel holder for the shower Jim helped me put together a few days before.

Then we made a cow gate to keep the cows out. It was Jane's idea and worked great. After I made the shower the cows visited and chewed on the plastic curtain. We can walk through the gate but the cows can't. Thank goodness for all the spare pallets, plywood and 2 x 4's.
Jane helped us blaze a trail to the creek. It passes through an area we call The Stair Way - named by Kathy Stilwell, our sister-in-law. We call the area we blazed with Jane Jana's Edge in honor of our recent trip to Hero's Journey. Jane had her hatchet, Jim had loppers and I had my pruners.

Me and Jane below in front of a 15' cliff that we think the bear uses in the winter. Just above us, a really impressive tree we call the tree of life.

Me in front of the bear cave - he wasn't home!

Jane and I with the cliff behind us as we head back toward the creek.

Jim and Jane worked on building our bathroom vanities.

We made a camp fire at night - unless it was raining. Does anyone remember Tropical Storm Lee? It really impacted the north east coast and they are still recovering. We had heavy rain in our area and some people lost trees because of the wind.

Jane also helped us vacuum the main floor prior to the concrete floor being poured, move a large pallet of building materials before Ted arrived to back fill, pick up metal roof scraps lying around so we can recycle them, bag miscellaneous debris, herd the cows back down the hill, and lots of other "fun" things that we didn't get a chance to photograph.
We also went to Asheville twice, saw a movie and visited some of her friends who live in the area.

Brown, Jane, and Marlene
They invited us over for chicken soup one of the rainy nights - yum! They were such a delight to meet. They have been in the area for many years and are a great resource for Jim and I. It is nice to have someone close by that we can call.

It was great having Jane visit and we really appreciate all her hard work - it really helped out. We look forward to seeing her again in November.

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