Thursday, September 29, 2011

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK -Thursday - Friday - Saturday (and Sunday)

Ted did his best to dig out a large vain of rock where the water line will run from the well to the house. He only made 18" of depth and Al suggested we need 24" for the snowy and below freezing temperatures. He rented a Jack Hammer and gave it a try - nothing. 

All the pocket doors were installed.

 Mitchell from Jim Burleson's crew caulked the exterior doors and Jim (my Jim) shimmed them.

Jim B. and Mitchell begin digging the foundation for the deck. 
Thursday night... Rain was pounding down on the motor home all night - hardly slept - and we woke up to a cloud covered sky.

Friday morning... Al called because he didn't think Jim B. would be coming by because of the rain. Jim B. arrived before 10 am.

When we decided to go with radiant floor heat in the basement after the walls were already in. This decision meant that the door frame would be short.
Note to self: make ALL decisions ahead of time - yeah, right!
Jim B. cut about 2 inches out of the poured concrete door frame in the Superior Wall.
After he is done with the door frame he spends some time on the rock that Al was working on. No luck with the rock...but...

Perfect fit on the door!
Jim B. and Mitchell continued to work on the deck.
The basement windows were caulked.
The deck is looking great.
Note the bag of garbage on the right. Jim spends a good bit of time cleaning up the site and moving things around so the next crew to come in will have space to work. 

Saturday... Jim B and Mitchell arrive early
They begin handing the soffit boards

and start putting in the deck planking.

Saturday afternoon... We leave after Jim B and Mitchell and head back to Franklin. We have dinner with Tom and Kathy so we can catch up with them on all that has been happening - with them and us. 

Sunday... We go through our mail, do laundry and Jim sketches up his ideas for an extension of the deck that Jim B is building. When the laundry is done we drive back to Fairview. 

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