Monday, September 12, 2011


FILLING AND DIGGING - sounds like we need a grader.

Ted Inman is back from Cold Mountain Siteworks to do an assortment of jobs. Before he arrives and while Jane is still visiting we all get to work to clear the areas where he will be working. We have to move all of the Hardi Board trim work that hasn't been put on the house yet to the basement along with the left over metal roof materials. It took several days to get ready for Ted; Jim and I even started before Jane arrived. It was really great to have her help.

Ted covers the drainage pipes with a fabric to prevent debris from entering the pipes and allowing any water that collects at the basement to flow into the pipes and away from the basement. On the other side of the house the pipe has been damaged and needs to be replaced. He will be back filling this area while we are on the other side of the house working.  

One of the items that had to go was the ramp that has been our entrance to the house for several week.

Jane and I remove the nails so we can reuse the plywood and 2x4s while Ted begins back filling the ditch around the house.

Once the ramp is gone, Jim works on the damaged drain pipe. The pipe is removed and he removes the excess gravel from the ditch for the new pipe.

The new pipe is trimmed to fit and the couplings inserted to connect the existing pipe to the new.

Jim fills in the gaps on each side of the pipe with gravel to hold it secure and then it gets covered with the fabric.

While Ted is back filling, Jerry, our neighbor who owns the cows stops in to say hi.

It takes Ted 7 dump truck loads of dirt to back fill and grade.

After Jerry leaves his cows come up for a visit. He added a new bull - the little one with the white face. He is then only male in this small herd of women and the older females boss him around a lot. Jerry says that will change. By next year he will be in charge.

By the end of the day the grading is finished - sort of.
The house looks really different now that the dirt goes all the way up to the edge. Jim says it looks more "grounded."
It isn't crooked in reality - I think I tipped the camera when I took the photo.

Oops, something went wrong and the blog won't let me add any more photos.
See part 2 for the exciting conclusion!!!

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