Saturday, September 17, 2011



While the subcontractors are hard at we we have projects of our own. We thought we would share some of them with you...


Jim built a cart so we could haul mulch and rocks. It should hold 600 lbs. or 5 Edriannas.

Collecting and moving rocks

Rock project - creating a retaining wall at the entrance path to Turtle Rock

Bagging up garbage and keeping the site clean

 Staining the window frames
Edrianna adding reinforcement plates on the inside corners

 Taking time for lunch breaks

Enjoying our first sunset and building a fire in the fire pit.

Building Fences

 Photographing nature and exploring our property

Building a dropped ceiling in the basement bathroom so the bathroom fan can be recessed


Exploring the attic spaces

Replanting the berm

Stacking wood and rocks

Wrapping and re-wrapping building materials in plastic

Jim creating a sun burst design from Mountain Laurel branches for my healing room transom window

Jim laying out the kitchen cabinets

Building the bathroom vanities

Digging a trench for the 30 amp electrical line

Edrianna on her photo perch to capture everything that happens
 Keeping track of all the subcontractors so we know them by name (For example, from Sundance we have worked with Adam, Harry, Grey, Robert, Curtis, Matt, and Trey (the only one that hasn't been to our site - that we know of)

Communing with nature

 More exploring

 Still more exploring

Enjoying the approach of Autumn

Watching everything evolve

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