Saturday, October 1, 2011



Finishing off a very busy week...Jim (one more Jim) and his drywall crew arrived on Friday to begin hanging drywall that arrived on Thursday. Both Jim's did a walk-thru in the house to review what would receive drywall and what wouldn't. Drywall, also known as Sheetrock or gypsum board can be made with up to 99% recycled materials. The soft gypsum (mineral) core is covered on both sides with a paper facing.

The utility room.
The Healing Room bathroom looks purple because the paper on either side of the gypsum is purple. The color signifies that it is used in more humid environments, like bathrooms, because it is more resistant to moisture.

Tom and Kathy visit the same day and brought Tad, Cindy and Gallagher. 

Tad and Cindy again.

Kathy jumped in to help Jim add 6" of mulch over the water line I mentioned in the last blog. It was great to have her help.

Tad with Tom

It started getting chilly that afternoon. Lots of clouds rolled in as the temperature dropped. 
Since Tom and Kathy were camping near by that night we decided to go over and see them for dinner. 
We are a bit concerned that Tad may have eaten something odd while on our property that day - maybe something toxic. What do you think? 

It looks like Cindy may have gotten into a small bit of the same thing. 
I love this picture. Kathy calls it Tad Vader.

A cold front did move in that night. We got up the next day after sleeping under 3 layers of sleeping bags and a blanket. It was only 41 degrees (about 6 C). Jim went out to work on moving more mulch, rocks and doing some fencing. It was really windy and he was getting pelted in the face with what he thought was gravel. It was sleet. Holy Cow! We weren't expecting that on October 1st.
The guys hanging drywall were a little slow at getting started this morning - maybe because of the cold.  Four guys arrived today instead of two.

Jim working on the fence. I always knew he was smart and now I know why - he has two brains. 

You can't gauge the cold by what I wear because I could very easily look like this in June. 
But it is cold. I'm wearing 4 shirts and a coat, plus my snow boots, fleece lined leggings and pants. 

Jim talks to Edwardo about what he needs next to the fireplace. We have to add cement board because we are adding decorative stone. 

This is Jim's concept sketch of the wood stove. He built the ship model several years ago along with the anchor brackets.

The spaces are really taking shape.

The main floor is almost finished and the basement is about 30% done. They will be back on Monday to finish the basement and then tape and mud. 

Me in my healing room earlier in the day. 
Things are going so fast. It is hard to believe we broke ground only 3 months ago. 

 Jim built a rock edge next to the water line that is prone to freezing. This is where the mulch was going that Kathy helped with.

I promised I'd tell you how many people have been involved in the construction of our home.
Grand total..... 99 as of October 1st.

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