Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Getting Close!
We hope to get moved in before snow falls - right now only the leaves are falling.

The drywall "mud" crew arrived: Justin and Bud.

The basement ceiling looks like a big spider web.


                     The dumpster is delivered so we spend some time cleaning up the property.

Most of this stuff fit as well so the dumpster was picked up the next day. We didn't like the idea of so much stuff going to the dump so we have been trying to use or reuse as much as possible. We also found a company in the phone book that will pick up anything they can recycle in order to keep things out of the local dump. Next time things pile up we will give them a call.

Jim ordered a copper cap for the roof from B&H Metal Fabricators. They made it from 2 pieces of copper in the shape of a cone with a little cap (sort of like the Tin Man's hat). 
Josh Hilton came by to install the cap - Jim helped. 

The cap looks good. I wonder if Deltec will start suggesting it as an option. 

The leaves are changing on the main trail behind our house.

Haynes Electrical is back, this time it is Ryan and Scott. They dug a trench from
 the house to the power pole in no time - only one big rock to add to our collection. 

Oops, caught them relaxing on the job.

Just so many pretty colors we had to share.
Jim, Bud, Justin and Dustin arrive to sand and clean up.

Now that the drywall is done we can paint - oh boy, really looking forward to that. Jim bought me a really tiny brush so my messes would be really small. 

Scott and a helper arrive to put in the gutters. We will have 3 down spouts and hopefully a few rain barrels when they are done. Since the gutters in the back are more than 20' off the ground we added gutter guards. They are guaranteed to keep the gutters debris free - or the owner of the company will come clean them out himself. Sounded like a good deal to us. 

Jim is working on a design for the area around the fireplace. We are using rocks from our yard instead of manufactured stone. We have plenty to spare on the property and it's natural and free.
Jim is laying it out ahead of time so he knows where each stone will go. It's like putting together a puzzle. 

You "autumn" hear from us again soon!
That is so corny!

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