Thursday, November 10, 2011


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Today was a very busy day. Jim got started early by moving dirt to fill in near the utility room stairway. He also moved the barbed wire so Ted could around the house easily.

 The plumbers arrived first. Craig installed our kitchen sink while Mark caulked the toilets.

Ted arrived next. Jim and Ted walked around the house and Jim explained what we needed. Ted began moving rocks and dirt, and Donny helped out where he could. We watched and took photos from inside. It was pretty cold today.

Just outside my Healing Room window, Ted added dirt where it had settled next to the house, flipped over a rock, giving us a cool place to sit outside, moved some dirt around the rocks so I can plant my herb garden and graded the entrance area.

Just outside the basement door Ted added some large boulders to keep the dirt and gravel from sliding down the hill.

At the front entry deck he placed some big rocks at the edge of the steps because, once again, the ground slopes and we needed to raise the grade level up to the steps. 

There were a lot of large rocks around the property that would have stayed right where they were if Ted hadn't moved them. We were really glad to have them around because we used them all. 
This photo is the corner of the entry deck. You can see in the left corner of the photo all the concrete blocks supporting the steps. Ted had to add a lot of rocks and dirt to reach the bottom step.

Two inspectors stopped in to check out the electrical and heating/ventilation. 
We passed the electrical - yea!
One of the inspectors was climbing around in our attic crawl space for a while. When he came out he asked me where our air handler was for our air conditioner. I told him - We don't have an air conditioner. Oops! 
I guess he just assumed we had one. 
We didn't install an air conditioning unit but we did add wiring for a wall mounted unit in case we decide we need one in the future. The wall mounted are really nice. I had one in my Healing Room in Florida. It was quiet and also could switch to heat mode. 

Steve from Deltec also came by today with Chuck from Classic Roof. They are working on new design ideas for putting metal on a round roof. They liked our copper top. 
We have been having a lot of fun showing people our house. We are pretty thrilled with how nice it is coming out.

The last event of the day was the delivery of our washer and dryer from Lowe's. 

Jim is working on an informational blog post about all our appliances. We picked all Energy Star when we could. You can't get an Energy Star dryer or range because they have heating elements. Recently, North Carolina offered a "tax free" weekend for all Energy Star appliances - WE WENT SHOPPING! Unfortunately, even though you can get an Energy Star dish washer, NC considers a dish washer a luxury item and there for it doesn't qualify. DARN!

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