Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Close but NO C.O.

We waited several hours for the inspectors to show. Al hung around from about 10 am until the inspector finally arrived after 2 pm. Jim and Jane were working on the stone stairway on the side of the house. And Kathy, our sister-in-law came by just before noon and stayed several hours. She broke down the remaining cardboard boxes in the basement which we will take to the recycle place. And she helped Jane finish up the rock stairway. Jim had to shift his focus from the stairway to the entryways to the house because of the inspection. As it turns out a new code is in effect that says if a door opens out then the landing can't be more than 1 1/2 inch from the bottom of the door. Codes do change frequently and it is a bit hard to keep up with every single change. Also, the inspector didn't think our chimney is tall enough. He didn't measure it he only looked at it from the ground. We still have to have Willow Creek come and check to make sure they did things correctly. That might not happen tomorrow because the weather forecast is calling for 90% chance of rain. It isn't a good idea to be on a metal roof when it is raining. We might not get that issue solved until Thursday.

Before Jim and Jane started working on this today, Jim already had 5 steps in from previous work days. 
The scrap pvc tubes on the left come in handy when you need to move really big rocks. You just pry up one end of the rock, roll one of the tubes under and then roll the rock across the tube. Just like the Egyptians use to do. 

After Kathy got done with the boxes she and Jane finished the stairs. 

They did a great job and their work received Jim's seal of approval! 
We have 15 steps now that lead from the driveway to the basement. It just so happens that its the same number of walls around the house - I think that is pretty cool. 

After the inspector left Jim started working on making platforms in front of all our doors. He started with the basement door. Jane helped out and I jumped in as well. Al headed out to get lumber and returned just after the first platform was completed. 

This is the platform for the basement door. It had to be 3 feet wide and the width of the door. 

I don't have photos of the work we did with the other 3 doors because it was already sunset when we started and we worked like crazy to get it done. Al, Jim, Jane, and I got everything done except for one small strip and attaching them to the house. Hopefully that can be accomplished before the rain arrives.

Thanks to everyone who sent us well wishes for the inspection. These small things are really minor in the whole scheme of things.

A big hug and special thanks to Kathy for her help today.
And thanks to Al as well for hanging out with us in the dark to get these projects completed.

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  1. OMG, you guys must have worked like gangbusters after I left. The platform looks fantastic! I'm thinking of you and hoping things moved along in fine fashion today. See you soon.