Monday, November 14, 2011


Eleventh Hour...
We are so close to getting in the house that Jim says he can almost taste the pumpkin pie cooking in the kitchen.
Al called for our final inspection today and the inspector is due to arrive tomorrow. We also need a final Well inspection so hopefully that inspector will be here before the inspector comes to do the final.
Jim spoke with Al today and he is confident that we have accomplished everything he put on our list. We had to install Rock Wool for fire proofing insulation in the mechanical room in the basement - also known as the Control Center! Edrianna sprayed fire block around some pipes in the basement. I adjusted a gutter drain and finished up the pocket door to the bathroom in the basement. As a side note: our real estate agent, Georgia Gant, mentioned to us that when it comes to selling a home, if the basement doesn't have direct access to the main floor, even if it is finished off, you can't claim the square footage in your total living space. Since we plan on living here until we are dead - that won't be a problem for us.

It is so wonderful to have Jane back. Not many people would spend their vacation time shoveling mulch, raking dirt, vacuuming, picking up garbage, moving rocks, painting, etc...that was only the first day. 
She must love us very very much!

There is a small discrepancy between how many loads of mulch it took  to create a path from the driveway to the front porch, to cover the area in front of the utility room porch, and to complete the path coming from Turtle Rock (camper site). Jane says it took 30 loads and Jim say it was more than 60. That was what his sore back said.

The day started out really cold, but after all those loads of mulch we warmed up fast - you can tell because the porch rail looks like a laundry line.

Jane is taking a break after we finished off our rock bridge. It was an area that got pretty soggy when it rained - not any more.

I'm not putting in my guess as to how many loads of mulch were moved because I was just standing around until one arrived and then I flattened it with a rake. But, I did haul a few - here's proof that I did at least one.

Oh look, at least 2! 
Another side note...Jim must have said a dozen times "Thank God for the pitch fork." Just so you know what that means, we switched from using a shovel to a pitch fort to move the mulch. It makes all the difference.

It was quite a climb back up to the house after we loaded up. Like I've said before, when you are on our property you are either walking up hill or down. There aren't many flat places.

Remember Luna? She is the cat Tom rescued and we are sharing the cabin with her. Since we are staying in our camper so much now the days between our visits have increased. When we do see her she takes full advantage of our time. I think I might miss her!

Please wish us luck for tomorrow.

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