Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Details, Details...

Several things happened today as we make our way to the finish line.

Jessie and Dane came back to do the last of the electrical. The camper site power box is now hooked up but we won't actually have power until after the final inspection.

Our kitchen counters arrived and were installed by Michael and Jose.
This one is made from recycled paper. It looks black in the photo but it is actually a very deep red. 
 This one is quartz. It is man made not cut from the ground like granite. But, it doesn't need to be sealed like granite and it doesn't hold bacteria. 

Igor from Mountain Air was here today as well to install all the vent covers and the thermostat for the ERV .

Ted arrived at about 5 pm with his back hoe and dump truck. He got another load of dirt from our neighbor to finish off grading. He will be back in the morning - it is a little hard to move dirt and rocks around in the dark.

Jim painted the laundry room because the washer and dryer arrive tomorrow. He also helped Dane put in a concrete pad for the power box at the camper site and he helped him install the smoke detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide (the county code changed).

Mark, our plumber will be back tomorrow to install the kitchen sink. After the final inspection and the water is turned on he will be back again to caulk the toilets and sinks and install the line for the dishwasher. 

We had a nice surprise today, our real estate agent, Georgia Gant from Keller Williams popped in for a visit. She was showing property to a client and thought he might like where we are. They also took a ride up to the top of the mountain to check out a piece of property there.

On the 27th my Mom - Penny and my step dad Bob came for a visit. It was wonderful to have them see the house. Bob took this photo of me and Mom.

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