Sunday, August 28, 2011



When we decided to purchase this property, Tom (Jim’s brother) and Kathy, came for a visit to check it out. Tom helped us make a decision as to where we would place the house. On their first visit we went to the west side of our property by truck. On their next visit we hiked down past the creek and back up to the west side (sorry, didn’t have the camera that day). Until a few weeks ago they were the only family or friends who had seen our site.

Recently, our friends Brady & Sandy Myers stopped in for a visit with their daughter Kaylee and 3 rescued bull dogs. This time I had my camera!
Brady & Kalyee at Turtle Rock (the new name for our motor home area)

Sandy, Kaylee and... this is either Harley, Rosie or the other one (sorry!)

Kaylee and Rosie (I'm pretty sure that is Rosie - the young one and newest member of the family).

At the end of the week my sister, Jane, came for a visit.  She and I headed to West Virginia to attend Hero's Journey - a week long retreat - and she will be back for a week long visit at the end of this month.  

Jane at our property and getting a tour.

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