Sunday, August 7, 2011



We have been joking with everyone that our huge open house looks like a dance floor. The second layer of plywood went down and we started getting the urge to boogie - especially since Jim B. started cranking up the tunes from his truck.

The new ramp makes it a lot safer and easier for Mitchell to carry the plywood for the floor into our house.

Jim B. has some help as he marks the floor with chalk lines where the floor trusses lie beneath. This way they are sure they are nailing the plywood into the trusses. I thought this was pretty cool.
The clip in the middle of the photo is actually a spacer that is place between the plywood on the roof so it has room to expand and contract. It just happened to be there when I took the photo so I decided to tell you about it.

The second layer of plywood goes in really fast now that they can power their nail guns. 
Before the power came on the crew was using a Honda generator for their power saw - when cuts had to be made.The generator was so quiet I didn't even notice it until someone mentioned it.

The floor is finished so Jim and Harry start laying out the walls.

No stopping to dance on the new floor, but believe me, we are DANCING!

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