Saturday, August 6, 2011



Al told us that it would be 4 weeks before we would get power on our property. I phoned Progress Energy on July 5. Two days later Dane and Jason from Haynes Electric Utility Corporation arrived and began putting in our temporary electric pole. It was inspected and then we waited. I called Progress Energy – we are on the schedule.

Al said, “It will be 4 weeks.” Jay arrived from Progress Energy and said, “You need a transformer.”  We knew that, we told the inspector and gave him the specifics on our house.

I called Progress Energy again – we are on the schedule. Al said, "It will be 4 weeks." 

The house began going up so quickly I called Progress Energy again on the morning of August 1st. I was told that it could take up to 6 weeks and I mentioned that the house would be completed by then and we would need regular power and no longer need the temporary. The person on the other line was shocked so I explained that we are building a Deltec and they go up in a week. I impressed her but she didn’t change her answer – we are on the schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t call to complain; I was only hoping that they might be able to tell me when someone would arrive.

That afternoon Haynes Electric arrived again with a 4 man crew (one day short of 4 weeks) and they hooked up our power. Yeah, progress (no pun intended – again). Jerry and Raymond arrived first. Jeremy was the one who worked from the bucket to install the transformer and attach the wires and Darrell helped out handing stuff up to Jeremy. They were done in a flash.

The sad news was that we still won’t have power until the line is inspected and the meter is installed.

The very next day Dillon, an inspector, arrived and cleared us for receiving the meter. Then, to our surprise, Jay, the original guy from Progress, arrived that afternoon and hooked up our meter. It took about 5 seconds to plug it in and about 2 seconds for the framing crew to plug in their compressor for the nail guns. Exactly 4 weeks to the day we are up and running with power. And it is our hope that in several more weeks we will be making power with solar and pv panels and sending power back to Progress Energy.

Our temporary box rests on the pole to the left until a hold is dug.

First, second and third attempts didn't result in a hole deep enough with out hitting solid rock first.

The fourth dig was finally successful.

Dane and Jason set the pole and pre wired for incoming electric.

Jeremy adds the transformer.

Raymond ad Darrell connect the wires to our temporary pole and box.

Jay installs the meter! We got power!


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