Sunday, August 7, 2011

TRUSS ME (part 2)

TRUSS ME (part 2)

Continuing on with the roof trusses...

The Truss Jig is in place. The Compression Ring is holding the hip trusses. The Tension Collar is positioned so it can be bolted.

The jacks were added as well as the sub fascia board.

Next - plywood. All the plywood for the roof comes pre-cut, the same way it arrived for the floor. It is also treated for mold and termite prevention.

Alan and Jim get into some pretty scary positions as they add the first layer of plywood. I'm a bit freaked out as I watch, but I'm sure it is just another day at the office for them.

After the first ring of plywood is added it is covered with a paper. The paper has a texture that makes it easier to walk on.

One of the things I have noticed with building a home is that things don't happen one at a time from start to finish. Sometimes two or three things are happening simultaneously.

We receive another delivery from Brand Vaughan while the plywood was being added to the roof trusses: 2x4s for interior wall framing, plywood for the floor, a stack of 2" thick foam for the basement floor insulation, wire mesh for the poured concrete floor in the basement, and other stuff.
Can you read Matthew's shirt? It says STRENGTH LIES WITHIN. I love that. I asked Matthew if I could get one of their shirts and he said he would see if he could bring me one on the next delivery.

You may have noticed a few photos back that the guys were using a skinny ramp to enter our house.
That ended with this delivery from Brand Vaughan. Alan made a new ramp.

Six rings of plywood. There is still an opening at the top because it receives a cupola.

A few days later the whole roof is covered with paper.
We are now DRY!
I know, we still have a few holes in the walls: three door openings and one full height window. But, if it rains there won't be any rain coming in through the roof.
Now the crew can remove the jig and secure the tension collar.

Jig gone and collar secured.

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