Sunday, July 31, 2011


We Were Floored!
Way back on February 28th when we signed the contract to have our home built and delivered by the end of July, that date looked a long way away. Well, here we are and the home and almost all its many pieces showed up today (July 28th). Our framing crew rolled in at 7 am and assembled the floor system between unloading the delivery trailers. We got up at 5 am to make our 1 ¾ hour trek from Franklin, stopping for donuts on the way. The weather gods shown on us favorably with sunny skies.

We were very pleased to see the project start on time, even a little ahead of schedule because normally delivery and unloading is done all at once from one big truck and we had smaller loads brought in by trailer due to site access difficulties.  A special thanks to Al, our contractor for putting everything in place to meet our delivery deadline. He had less than 5 weeks to organize the build due to our 2 month closing delay.

I actually sat back and watched the work proceed; even though there was a strong temptation to jump in and help. I hate being idle while others labor. However, I did help with a couple of building panels as the crane lowered them to the ground for temporary storage. Edrianna kept busy photo documenting the eventful day.

On Friday morning the crew finished with the floor and just prior to lunch and then started assembling the wall panels (see next blog). The last two trailer loads of parts showed up as well.

Here is the fast version of the floor trusses going in.
More details, extra photos and commentary provided below.

Here is an update for you “Bears” fans. Our resident Ursa Major or who we have named until we can determine the gender, Buddy Bear, has shown up twice this week. Once while our carpenters were eating lunch and the next day around 7 am below the house on the edge of the woods. Buddy does not seem to be put off by the construction noise and I’m sure he will be a regular fixture as soon as it really quiets down. Please do not let this be a reason not to come and visit us in the future. We will supply all visitors with a bear proofing kit which consists of an open can of tuna, a “Mr. Ranger Sir” cap and a jar of honey. Or for the squeamish: bear spray, whistle and a very long stick. We are looking for a volunteer to get close to Buddy to verify its sex. Good luck with that!

All kidding aside - we are taking the Bear thing seriously (Edrianna made me add this).

The crane opperator, Bobby, also arrived with doughnuts and watermellon for an afternoon snack - very appreciated by the crew on a hot summer day.

The crew (Jim, Alan, Johnny, Harry, Jerry and Mitchell) install the center post that will support the floor trusses.
Rebar for the post footer was laid earlier in the week, inspected, and then the concrete was poured.
A lot of work went into making sure it was level and at the exact elevation with the walls. You may remember the Bench Mark being mentioned when the house was laid out. It was set in concrete before the Superior Walls arrived and the pole bolts into it.
Al, our Builder on the left, and Boyd, the driver from Deltec discussig the next delivery loads.

This load consists of floor trusses and the first layer of 5/8" plywood. It is all green because it is coated. Jim mentioned this in an earlier blog.

 All the trusses in place with bracing and top ribbon board.

Danny and Jim looking very serious.

Boyd brings load 2 from Deltec - 10 of our 15 walls.

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