Saturday, July 9, 2011


Septic System

This past Tuesday Ted began digging a spot for the septic tank and it was delivered that afternoon by Lee.
Does this make all you Tonka Toy fams drool?

It was heavy!
We got a little nervous when the CLAW started doing a reverse wheelie! Obviously, Ted knows the limits of his machine.

Ted started the trenching for the drain pipes and David and Sam finished up the job, a grand total of 200’. It is a large pipe septic system with no gravel. The pipes have holes in the bottom and the liquid just seeps into the ground. It was pretty difficult to find that much distance with out any large boulders. But when they did come across a large rock they just picked it up and tossed it to the side. So cool! I wish I had had one of these little back hoes back when I was little and trying to dig my way to China.

Only two days later the system was inspected and passed. Yea!

Ted mentioned that we need to fence the area of the drain field so that the cows don’t walk across the pipes. They could crush them. Yikes, we don’t want that to happen. He also said that he would be spraying grass seed over the field to prevent erosion. GRASS! We didn’t bring a lawn mower with us and we didn’t plan on having to cut grass. I shared this with Ted and he was quick with a solution. He is going to add wild flower seeds – that is so cool!!!!

Remember a long while back, or so it seems, I mentioned “Perk” test. Well, I found out what it is. When you put in a septic system you have to make sure the water will seep into the ground. Because there are so many rocks on our property, pits were dug (deep holes about 3’ x 5’ feet and at least 3’ deep). An inspector climbs down into the pit and uses a trowel to check out the soil in the pit. Ours was acceptable so we passed – not sure what wouldn’t have been – maybe solid clay because water sure doesn’t seep through that.  

As an interesting side note…The inspector was asking about our property and about us having to use a right-of-way. He mentioned the property he purchased recently also has a right-of-way and he is still in litigation over it after 3 years. I found out recently that in mountain regions right-of-ways are the number one litigated issue.  

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