Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Power of Positive Intention

The Power of Positive Intention

We waited and waited and waited… two months beyond our original closing date and finally in the last minute of the 12th hour we CLOSED. Unbelievable! Just in the nick of time because the day we closed was the day we had to commit to our final home design with Deltec before it goes into the production phase, so we can have it delivered and assembled on site at the end of July. Because of the tight deadline we thought we might not get the property we fell head over heels for. We were concerned we would have to start looking for an alternate site. We are so grateful we didn’t.

The past two months have been frustrating to say the least. We found out buying raw land can sometimes be complicated and ours was due to conflicting surveys. You may remember Edrianna’s blog post about this. Every time we got close to settling this issue something stalled. I stayed busy continuing to act as if everything was going to work itself out by designing the site layout and writing a song about the property. I spent a lot of time visualizing the property and the plans I had for it and I couldn’t let it go; even toward the end when we were very close to giving up – “deal or no deal.” Remember the model we made and the photo of the kitchen with Edrianna and I scaled down so it looked like we were standing in the kitchen? Jane, my sister in-law, saw it and commented, “That’s positive intention.” Aho! (Native American for Amen)

Now we are moving forward again. Our builder, Al, is finalizing our construction costs as I type. Our grading guy, Ted, hopes to start prepping the site next week and we will meet with Adam at Sundance Solar this week to go over specifics for our solar and heating solutions. I’ll be sure to share those in a future post.

The day after we closed, Edrianna and I went out to our “new place” and moved the rare Lady’s Slipper orchids away from the home site, relocating them to a safe area in the woods. We take it as a good sign that they have popped up exactly where we intend to place the house; however, don’t want to have them trampled. That would be bad. The same day we moved some rocks so we have a place to park and took some additional measurements needed for our site plan. We met Jerry R. and his grandson who happened to be driving by to help our new neighbor Jerry L. with his cows. Jerry R. welcomed us to Fairview and told us to come on by the fire station and let them know we are tucked back in the woods. Good idea! Jerry is a retired fire fighter, however still hangs out at the station - so small town – we love it!
Edrianna moving the Lady's Slipper

Also while we were at the site that day we grabbed our new walking sticks that by the way I carved with the intention of using them on this property; we hiked down to the creek and up to the far end of the west ridge. It took us about an hour and a half round trip because there are no marked trails yet, only a few animal paths, dense brush, some steep uphill areas, thick Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel, and forest; oh, and not to forget a stream. I tried out my new machete and it was no match for the thicket. My brother, Tom, is concerned about me using a sharp tool considering my past mishap in the moving truck. When I go back I will take a large pair of limb loppers because I think they will do a better job.

The Rhodadendrons are in bloom and beautiful

Trantham Creek

This large boulder formation is on the west side of the property

A huge tree is rooted into this boulder on the east side

The view of Little Pisgah mountain from the west side

The next blog will be one I wrote back in April about the property and was saving for our initial closing of April 14.

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