Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

The original ground breaking was planned for June 23rd – however the powers that be had other plans. The 40% chance of rain turned into 100% - I think it was because so many friends and family were thinking “water” because I informed everyone that we would be drilling a well that day. I misunderstood the procedures and now know that we have to prep the property first. This includes making a good foundation for the 30’ long drill truck, and in order to do that we have to have several big, plant destroying and earth moving vehicles “break” ground. That phrase has a whole new meaning for me now.

The official day for ground breaking ended up being June 25th. We were at our nephew’s wedding and having a wonderful time visiting with family when Ted, our grader (aka earth sculpting artist) was breaking ground on our property.

We arrived on Monday June 27th and I started taking photos of the whole process. We hired Ted to clear areas for: our home, motor home, drain field & septic system, the well & drill, pv panels and solar cells, and driveway. After everything is cleared he will start sculpting – more on that later.

Since people are showing up on our property daily – we are now officially a Job Site!
An essencial item for any job site

The photos you are about to see may be disturbing to people who love trees.
If it helps, we purchased 10.6 acres and are only clearing about a half an acre, leaving the remaining natural. We feel good about that.

Ted Innman of Cold Mountain Site Works (in the red shirt), David his helper (gray shirt), Jim, and the big dozer that knocked everything down

Ted saved these for our wood stove and fire pits.
We learned that the same amount of carbon is released when a log decays or burns. When used in a wood stove there will be even less carbon released for the amount of heat energy we will receive.

"The CLAW" and David hard at work

The stumps go to the STUMP DUMP and get ground into mulch.
They are the only plant material removed from the site.

The tree branches and small plants end up in the CHIPPER.
"Is that your associate in the Chipper?" (Anyone remember the movie that line is from?)
I was fascinated how easy "The Claw" could pick things up, whip them around and drop them perfectly into place. Ted made it look so easy. It looked like so much fun. He promised to let me use the small dozer when it arrives. Whoohoo!

Lots of mulch for use on the site

Plenty of large rocks for landscaping - and there are still a lot more to unearth

Jim collecting the smaller rocks for his landscaping plans

Holy COW!
She actually is a lot nicer than she looks. She stopped in along with some of her friends to see what all the "cow"motion was about. Now we know why we have so many paths on the property.

Sort of looks like a bear doesn't she - nope, just a cow.
"WE GOT COWS!" (another movie quote)

We are using the Mountain Laurel and Rhodadendron branches to cover up the barbed wire fence - looks much prettier.

Lots of beauty still left intact


  1. You will learn to love the cows and become more alert (i.e. looking for piles). Get yourselves a good Border Collie or Chesapeake Bay Retriever from a local breed specific RESCUE. They will put fear into the eyes of the cows and keep you from getting stomped.

    The place is beginning to change. Wonderful.


  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person.