Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Rolls In

 No it isn't Halloween, it is actually January 2014. 
Jim volunteers or an organization called Wild for Life. Someone thought it would be fun to have a Zombie theme fund raiser. No, it wasn't my idea but as you can see - I participated fully.
Jim didn't dress up because he was going to be showing Rufus - this sweet Screech Owl - and he didn't want to frighten him. 
Wild For Life rehabilitates raptors. They are raising funds so they can expand the number and variety of birds that they can take in at their center in Asheville. Jim has worked hard to advance himself from carpenter / cage cleaner to handler.

More snow...

We love going for a walk after the snow because you never know what you will find. These are turkey tracks. In the past we've seen bobcat tracks with a set of rabbit tracks - looked like both were running at the time.

There is a special kind of peace and quiet that settles all around us when it snows. We just love it.

It was in February that we started thinking about putting in the deck that we had planned all along but decided to do ourselves. The ledger boards were installed when the house was built in anticipation of adding the deck. We just didn't know when it would happen. The ledger boards are just below the Hardy Plank siding (green) and were bolted to the Superior Walls (concrete basement walls). The ledger boards are used to attach the deck to the house.

The peaches I canned in the summer tasted great in the middle of winter - with ice cream!

 March 2014 - Spring!

More snow in March - Jim looks cold!

A beautiful deer visited in March.

Mom made me this beautiful - warm - sweater. Even though it was March I still wore it a lot.
Coming up in the next post is my compost bin and Jim's fire pit projects.

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