Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Two blogs in two days! Alert the media!!

We were out exploring yesterday - spring is here - and decided to share some of our pictures.

 From our house we could see a white patch on the other side of our property. Since the Dogwood are in bloom we thought we might have one. We ventured out to check. We found these daisies.

We found huge patches of wild strawberry plants. Some of the flowers had taken a beaten from hail a few days earlier - like the Violet and the one on the right - not sure what it is - Kathy Stilwell would know.

 We found the Dogwood - Jim counted 10 trees. We feel very fortunate to have them because they can get sparse at this elevation.

 Not sure what this is but it is ready to pop open.

 Back at the house, my herbs are doing great!
 I'm waiting until after Mother's Day to plant them outside; if we don't eat them first!
Jim is doing a great job on the stone work for the fireplace. It is looking really nice.

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