Thursday, December 8, 2011


It ain't over yet.

Our first assignment in the kitchen was to prepare cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with Tom and Kathy at their house in Franklin. No heat or hot water in the house yet, and no appliances - but the electricity works and so do the space heaters. At times we only needed one space heater because the passive solar worked so well and because the house is so well insulated.

Jim is busy painting the bedroom walls. The hatch above him to the right is for our attic crawl space. Since we had to put some sort of hole in the wall  he decided to make it look cool. He made it out of the same boards on the ceiling. It does look pretty cool.

Grey and Sunoor from Sundance Systems arrived on November 29th for their second day of work on the electrical system for the solar.

It started to snow that afternoon so Grey and Sunoor left early so they could safely get off the mountain.

We went out in the evening to take some photos. We had about 2 inches before dark.

Our shower doors were installed on December 2nd. We ordered one for our bath and one for the basement. I didn't get a shower door for the healing room bath - using a curtain instead to add some color - like we need more color!
We added a piece of glass between the healing room and living room. Jim designed a sun burst out of mountain laurel branches. That will go in when he can get to it - not a priority right now.

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